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Flora | Jürgen Weiland - Travel Photography - South Africa 2016

Cape Point, Cape of Good Hope & Misty Cliffs

According to the weather forecast, a sunny day was promised but when I arrived at Cape Point it was mostly misty. There were only a few moments where the sun found her way through the thick mist. Anyway, the air was moist and it gave me a real impression, to which conditions the flora and fauna at Cape Point are exposed and how they manage to survive.
capepoint-1capepoint-2Image above: one of the few moments where the mist wasn’t there.
Steep coasts at the Cape of Good Hope. capepoint-4capepoint-5capepoint-6capepoint-7capepoint-8
Images above: special flowers along my walkway from Cape Point to the Cape of Good Hope.capepoint-9Image above: Long exposures at the Black Rocks, Cape Point. capepoint-10Image above: Misty Cliffs on my way back from Cape Point. capepoint-11