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Jürgen Weiland - Travel Photography - South Africa 2016

Evening light @ Lion's Head and Signal Hill

Signal Hill and Lion’s Head are ideal locations for a variety of views to Table Mountain, Twelve Apostles and Robben Island, a small Island where the former prison was used for the detention of political prisoners, including Nelson Mandela.

lionsheadsignalhill-1Image above: Robben Island.lionsheadsignalhill-2Image above: a blanket of orange coloured clouds sits upon Table Mountain and the Twelve Apostles. lionsheadsignalhill-3lionsheadsignalhill-4lionsheadsignalhill-5Image above: Facing the City of Cape Town from Signal Hill, I’ve softened the focus. lionsheadsignalhill-6lionsheadsignalhill-7Image above: Greenpoint on the left side, Signal Hill in the center, the harbour of Cape Town on the right hand side and Bloubergstrand in the far distance.

Karoo Desert Botanical Gardens

The Karoo Desert Botanical Gardens are located at the foot of the Hex River mountains near Worcester.  
They are famous for being the only true succulent gardens in the southern hemisphere. About 400 plant species occur naturally and this botanical garden is also home to 300 protected species.

karoodesertgarden-1Aloe dichotoma, or Kokerboom. The San hollowed out the branches to use as quivers. Early settlers used the stems to construct a type of fridge: water dripping down the spongy wood has a cooling effect.

View to False Bay from Silvermine National Park & Boyes Drive


Proteas and more @ Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden

They call this garden, the most beautiful one in Africa. I can’t decide if this is true, but what I can say, this is the most beautiful garden I have ever seen :))
The proteas were simply overpowering, along with the sun- and sugarbirds, a beauty which is unique.


From Kommetjie to Hout Bay via Chapman's Peak Drive

Driving along the coast brought me to some very special places. Due to the clouds, the afternoon and evening light was always changing. A highlight were definitely my stops at Chapman’s Peak Drive. A spectacular road, which hugs the near-vertical face of the mountain from Nordhoek to Hout Bay.


Cape Point, Cape of Good Hope & Misty Cliffs

According to the weather forecast, a sunny day was promised but when I arrived at Cape Point it was mostly misty. There were only a few moments where the sun found her way through the thick mist. Anyway, the air was moist and it gave me a real impression, to which conditions the flora and fauna at Cape Point are exposed and how they manage to survive.
capepoint-1capepoint-2Image above: one of the few moments where the mist wasn’t there.
Steep coasts at the Cape of Good Hope. capepoint-4capepoint-5capepoint-6capepoint-7capepoint-8
Images above: special flowers along my walkway from Cape Point to the Cape of Good Hope.capepoint-9Image above: Long exposures at the Black Rocks, Cape Point. capepoint-10Image above: Misty Cliffs on my way back from Cape Point. capepoint-11

Boulders @ Sunset in Camps Bay


Postberg Flower Reserve - Langebaan Lagoon

On my way along the West coast, up to Postberg Flower Reserve, I had a first stop at Bloubergstrand. From the beach one can have a perfect view to the Table Mountain and the City of Cape Town.
Image above: Sunrise at Bloubergstrand. First light at the Table Mountain and the City of Cape Town.
flowerreserve-2Entering the Postberg Flower Reserve.
The image above shows a species of Zaluzianskya. This plant belongs to the figwort family (Scrophulariaceae), she is endemic to Southern Africa and includes some described sixty species.
flowerreserve-4These daisies obviously like to stand together in large groups. The majority of these so called Cape marigold, or Namaqualand daisies I could find flowering in white or orange.
The white one is called Dimorphotheca pluvialis and the orange one Dimorphotheca sinuata.
Images above: Dimorphotheca pluvialis from behind showing the beautiful purple lines which flow through the petals. flowerreserve-7There also some some mammals living inside the flower reserve. This morning I could spot a zebra couple with their baby and a herd of springbok. flowerreserve-8flowerreserve-9flowerreserve-10Image above: Dorotheanthus bellidiformis, this plant belongs to the family Aizoaceae, native to the Cape Peninsula in South Africa. Others names are: Livingstone daisy, Bokbaaivygie (Afrikaans), or Buck Bay vygie. flowerreserve-11flowerreserve-12flowerreserve-13flowerreserve-14flowerreserve-15flowerreserve-16Image above: Phoeniconaias minor, the Lesser flamingos at Langebaan Lagoon. flowerreserve-17

Llandudno and coastal Route to Hout Bay

Fauna, Flora and Landscapes.


Late light at Camps Bay, Lion's Head and the "Twelve Apostles"


First evening at Camps Bay

Camps Bay is embedded between the „Twelve Apostles“ on the eastern site and the Atlantic Ocean in the west. Camps Bay’s sandy beaches are sheltering amongst the impressive boulders.

sunsetcampsbay-2A boulder at Camps Bay beach with „Lion’s Head“ in the background. Depending on the light, some of the boulders remind me of wales who came here for resting.



Getting ready

Finally I’ve arrived at the airport :))
Now I am looking forward to teach the „Concept of Evolution in Homeopathy“ in Cape Town on the upcoming weekend and hopefully I’m able to find some magic light and moments for capturing the beauty in the Western Cape.